Product Information And Warranty Policy

Product Information Policy :- 

We want to tell you through this policy that:
1.) The MRP of the products on the website is given only according to the market price. The actual MRP of many products may be different from the MRP of the products given on the website.
2.) We check our website from time to time but there is a possibility of error in the information of the products given by us, because there may be a mistake while putting the information of the product on the digital medium (website), so we or our company Members will also not be responsible for incorrect information given in error. If you find any information is wrong in any product, you can contact us, we will try to correct those mistakes as soon as possible.
3.) Product image may be different from the actual product.

Warranty Policy : 
A). The system should not be open or tempered by any unauthorized person.
B). Warranty will be valid on only on Electrical parts. Not valid for filters and Membrane. 
C). Guarantee Card or invoice should be duly signed by authorized dealer.
D). Warranty will not cover outer body of product. 
E). Warranty does not cover defects resulting from improper maintenance or contrary to our printed / vocal instruction, from abuse, misuse, misapplication, neglect alteration accidents, casualties, fire, flood, freezing or environment factors.
F). While purchasing the product, the person in whose name the product is registered will get the warranty and other facilities, the warranty is limited to purchaser and will not be transferred to any other person.
G). If a person buys a branded item, its warranty will be as per the warranty policy of the company / organization concerned and the responsibility of the warranty will also be given by them. We or dealer is not responsible for the warranty of branded items. 
H). We will give warranty only when the product is installed and maintained by us, if we find that you have someone else install and maintain the product, then the warranty of the product will be terminated at the same time.
I). Any defect in the electrical/plumbing installation or wiring/piping at site has to be rectified by the Customer as per the recommendation of Company’s Authorized service representative
J).  This warranty does not cover cost of labor, transportation of the Product from the place of installation to the Authorized service center and other incidental expenditures, which shall be borne by the Customer.
K) While the Company will make every effort to carry out repairs at the earliest, it is however made explicitly clear that the Company is under no obligation to do so in a specified period of time.
L) No replacement/ No return / No exchange if not found any manufacturing / technical defect
1.) Product Policy And Warranty Policy is valid for direct purchase from us. If you not purchase directly from us then Warranty is the Responsibility of re-seller : Dealer / Distributor / OEM
2.) Warranty is not valid for any spare parts 
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